Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bruce Lee's Culture

Bruce Lee's philosophies were based on mainly the deep rooted notinos of oriental culture but certainly not excluding occidental views. For as Mr. Lee has stated "Neither would be remarkable if it were not for the existence of the other." Co-existing and "Bending to survive," was signified in his philosophical views. The art of mind and body working as one was the core of it all.

Yin-Yang as the western world has come to recognize, orginally named T'ai Chi or the "Great Untimate," established by Chou Tun-i' a Neo-Confucianist, was greatly recognized and applied in Mr. Lee's principles. To balance and conform to what the world threw at your path. Not to be closed minded, but to apply what you already know, and use what the situation has presented to overcome your condition, was the ideal way of handling your situation in Mr. Lee's discernment. These were breaches connected to one principle of equilibrium or balance in Bruce Lee's philosophies.

Bruce Lee the Excellent

Bruce Lee was well and most recognized for his excellence in the marital arts and filming industry, but a component that laid the foundation of his character and self, was little noticed. Mr. Lee had a complete philosophy of better understanding the world around him and achieving a rewarding life. In which he applied to every aspect of his life. From the skills and approach he used in martial arts, to the fundamental values he instilled in his family.

Mr. Lee carefully strung together what he believed to be a balance of mind and body. Such as not handling force with force, but rather to balance it in a manner where the original source of force is what ends up defeating your opponents. In a sense, it's a matter of complimenting your opponent's strengths. The gist of what made Mr. Lee excel in his character that we've globally come to envy was not the physical aspects of his distinction alone, but the X factor that not many knew of. It was the knowledge of his views on life, in mind, that contributed greatly to his caliber.

Philosophies and Physique

What most people don’t realize when it comes to Bruce Lee is that his brilliance did not only lie in his movies or his martial arts, but his philosophies as well. When it comes to martial arts, Bruce Lee shied away from martial arts as a sport. He was this way because he believed that martial arts utilized as a sport denied the art from its fullest potential. It isn’t the ultimate martial art unless there is no holding back. In other words, he wanted an art that he could “use.” No holds barred, no holding back, and anything goes – that was Bruce Lee’s philosophy.
Another aspect of Bruce Lee for which he isn’t conventionally acknowledged is his incredible strength and lean, shredded physique. For years now, Bruce Lee has been the inspiration of many physique champions and body builders. In addition, many of his physical feats are the stuff of legends. For example, Lee is well known for the one-handed push-ups or thumb push-ups and the infamous one-inch punch that could send individuals weighing far more than him flying at least ten feet away. For a mere 135 pounds, Bruce Lee’s strength is absolutely frightening.